Carlo White is a former hooper. He made the 7th grade JV team and played throughout high school. After college, he began playing in the sport of business. In 2004, he purchased a Nationwide Insurance agency and in 2016 he sold it. Now, Carlo is the CEO of WH Trucking, and leads a team of 45. We talk about how to develop the mindset of a champion by remaining C.A.L.M and leading your team through this turbulence. 3:36 – Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors. What C.A.L.M. means to his company and how it’s helping them operate. 5:30 – Why the sport of business has given Carlo an edge against his competition in the sport of business 7:41 – How to get out of the unknown of this pandemic 13:23 – What is the Carlo & Nika White Foundation and how did it come about? 16:34 – What is an entrepreneur to Carlo? 24:38 – The first step to becoming wealthy. Make sure you join me and a community of other verified basketball trainers who give FREE advice in The Basketball Trainer Mastermind Facebook Group! The Basketball Trainer Mastermind Facebook Group Mark Kinnebrew’s Facebook Myson Jones’ Instagram